Matthew Carlton was born in Indianapolis, Indiana; he currently lives in Carmel, Indiana.  By day he works as a Sr. Systems Engineer for a national IT products and services company.  During his free time he spends time with his wife, dogs, and friends.  He enjoys a good book, playing board and card games, running even though he’s not being chased, and relaxing nights out.

Matthew is currently working on his first novel, Redemption, a post-apocalyptic work of fiction that focuses on the Pacific Northwest town of Redemption and its residents.  It describes a series of tragic events that change the course of human history, as well as life after those events, along with the struggles, successes, and failures of the residents as they try to recover and move on.  With some unexpected twists and turns along the way, Redemption will play a crucial role in the redemption of a fallen society.

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